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The nasty secret of Nintendo Switch cartridges

With the launch of the famous Nintendo Switch they have been discovering many things about the console, things that Nintendo has promised and which was gradually or failing. But it has discovered one thing that Nintendo did not mention until it came to light, its games cartridges have a foul taste, literally.

As we have seen, the new Nintendo Switch Games are not in CD format, format are cartridge, a format very similar to an SD card. Something that was of concern to parents was the size of the games, the boxes are great but the cartridges are very small and can be that children or pets swallow it is easily. But Nintendo have all thought.

Zelda Nintendo switch

It turns out that provided only put the cartridge in the language extends a foul and bitter taste that lasts a few days. So video games journalist says Jeff Gerstmann.

I’ve got a Switch cartridge in his mouth and not be what are made, but still not have been able to remove me taste. So do not try at home.

nintendo switch Benzoato de Denatonio

Just enough to touch it with language that fill you with bitter taste so strong that it is impossible to keep trying it. As it has revealed Nintendo it is have an ingredient called Denatonium benzoate and is neither more nor less than the most bitter compound known to man.

A spokesman for the company of Nintendo spoke for this and said that it had been thought in children and pets to “avoid the possibility of an accidental ingestion”. It is not toxic, but the flavor is disgusting.

At a certain point, we believe that this will work realemante with children and dogs, but also we believe will promote famous YouTube challenges with teens getting cartridges into the mouth to see who holds more.

And you, you think?

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