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The Path to Die, Cat Logic, will reach Kickstarter in the first half of may

Cat Logic Games, indie based in Barcelona, Studio will seek funding on Kickstarter from the first half of may for his debut film The Path to Die. Although the development of the game is advanced, the study will attempt to achieve the funding needed to improve your game: reach the goal will allow them to choose a soundtrack at the height of his artistic section, one of the most outstanding and original of The Path characteristics to Die. Apart from the release on Steam, platform on which the game has been approved through Steam Greenlight, the study also aims to publish the game in Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In addition, they also used part of the funding to the location of the game, adding multiple languages.

The Path To Die not only will show us an overhead perspective the ancient sites of the medieval Japan, he will also highlight its original combat system, which will allow us to wield the sword movements of the right stick (or mouse), which turn it into a completely new experience. The scan will not be relegated to a second level, since to survive adversity will be necessary to collect all kinds of items that will help us to regain health, save game or open new routes; something crucial if we don’t want to die halfway to our adventure.

The game is strongly influenced by titles like The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Demon completo Souls or Hotline Miami, which have served as the inspiration for the study to create The Path To Die.

We leave here with a video where we can see some of the ideas of Cat Logic Games for The Path to Die, which I remind you is an alpha version.

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