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The players are leaving to For Honor of side

For Honor is a game clearly focused on the multiplayer, the campaign was there as a tutorial and Ubisoft does not seem to care for the multiplayer servers environment. This is why many people is leaving the game, by problems of connections and their P2P servers with headings online.

Then, under the parameter “multiplayer is everything”, it is important that people are constantly there. And everything seems to indicate that For Honor is not doing a very good job attracting players since as reported Githyp, the numbers of users have fallen 62% on Steam.

for honor users steam

Strange? Not so much if it is taken into account For Honor servers what they really do is “to gather players” but the games are based on P2P technology, which means that a person makes server and others are connected to it. The problems of this system are largely documented by Mr Crowbcat:

Of course, one may say that Ubisoft will not lose much if already sold the game at full price to a good number of people (€60). But clear, then one thinks in the amount of micropayments that the game includes and is logical that to Ubisoft you want much that the people not is boot of the game.

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