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The rhythm and the platforms are merged in Beat Stomper


The musical and rhythmic games tend to be quite difficult to adapt to mobile platforms, more than anything, it is that if we need to interact with the game to the rhythm of the music is much more complicated without buttons that give us an immediate answer, and, if we are talking about securities relatively more complex as Dj Max already no speak. Beat Stomper is a title available for Android that manages to capture the spirit of the games listed above at the same time perfectly that innovates with a platformer gameplay. I have more about this addictive experience below.

Electronics and jumps

Following with the style of the team of development Rocky Hong (the people that is behind Beat Stomper) the game surprises pleasantly with his style artificial and explosive, in no time you granted a pause since always is happening something impressive in screen, regardless of the action of the gameplay and always to the rhythm of the music.

He is an endless game, I mean that, basically, fun lies in view far arrived to competing with our trademarks and those of our friends, that Yes, this game has several levels that are unlocked as you play or meet certain requirements as for example to a number set of items. Each screen has its own song, we have different styles, and, although they are not songs that we will remember they adapt perfectly with the game and convey that feeling of euphoria accompanying both the graphics.

A button an action

The gameplay is based in go climbing gradually jumping of a platform to another, but, obviously the things is Iran complicating. To jump us will suffice to give a touch on the touch screen, but no mistake, control is simple, the devilish difficulty.

Give him a tiento, not you will regret.

Google Play Store Beat Stomper (free)

And you that you think? Pass you by the rhythm and the platforms is merged in Beat Stomper to leave your footprint.

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