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The Smurfs: The hidden village. Critical

Reaches our screens the third film about the Smurfs Smurfs: hidden village, by the producer, Sony, owns the rights of adaptation of Peyo’s 1958. Repeat this time in work of production director of the previous two installments Raja Gosnell (expert in adaptations of well-known animated series, since part of the Smurfs also took to the big screen in two films Scooby –Doo). Leaving the work of direction in this case Kelly Asbury, who had already demonstrated their proven effectiveness in bringing to the screen a story of tiny characters Gnomeo and Juliet (2011).

We already focus on the Smurfs: the hidden village, this shows more faithful to the original cartoon of Peyo, recovering classical concepts such as Smurfette from Gargamel’s or the character of the Footman in the form of a vulture, less known by the general public that the famous cat Azrael (as in most of the stories of the Smurfs presents the best points of the plot in his eternal misunderstanding by its owner Gargamel).

As a novelty, and making mention of its title, the plot focuses on the discovery, by the Quartet of Smurfs (philosopher Smurf and fortachón Smurf, clumsy Smurf) protagonist after release to Smurfette from the bondage of Gargamel, from a hidden village where she lives another community of Smurfs, whose main characteristic is that they are all women, including breast equivalent smurf.

Los Pitufos La aldea escondida

As every big Studio animation movie thrives on a stellar voice cast that includes Rainn Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Julia Roberts, Mandy Patinkin and Michelle Rodriguez among many others, with the equivalent in its Spanish version with voices so recognizable as the Jordi in the original Gomez (Antonio Recio in looming) as Gargamel or comedian and monologist Luis Piedrahita as the philosopher smurf.

So live an adventure in the forest where cheerful characters live in a harmony threatened by an evil sorcerer and his faithful feline lackey, funny characters shown as the most ducks, grumpy but at the same time unless the Smurfs stolen that liability.

The female world of Smurfs makes tipping of the plot in the role of protagonist of smurfette, doing that is emparente, as mentioned above, in its mysterious origin with the plot of the original cartoons. In this way, the history runs for 80 minutes focused to satisfy puerile minds looking for a history of classic animation, front spectators accustomed to modern adaptations that mix real image with 3D characters. Due to the simplicity of its plot, is more focused on the enjoyment of children than not to dedicated parents who will have to accompany them.

Los Pitufos La aldea escondida

What you see is what there is, do not give for more. A cloying story full of good intentions, friendship, kindness and equality in a mish-mash, in our view, too syrupy and you wasted all the subplot of the different personalities of the Smurfs, as well as the irreverent humor that if one saw in its previous predecessors.

Conclusion the Smurfs: The hidden village

In short Sony is correct in the reboot of the franchise involved the spirit of Peyo, but fails in the development of the characters, telling a history thousand times seen of rediscovery of our hero, in this case heroine, but not taking advantage of the comic aspect of these tiny beings that would have made more enjoyable viewing from the more major making it heavy his vision from the second part of the film, despite its tight 80 minutes long.

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