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The two new heroes of For Honor seep

Ubisoft already announced that after the release of their own For Honor would be new heroes available to users through DLC, recently published a picture of the Season Pass showing the silhouettes of the two characters, silhouettes that took very little to reveal himself.

Thanks to these silhouettes the community quickly managed to deduce that the two first downloadable heroes will be the Ninja and the Centurionof the Knight and Samurai factions respectively, and now we have a Reddit user has posted screenshots which show us the appearance of new characters.

for honor DLC ninja centurion

The user does not mention source but the material seems to be real since it coincides with the silhouettes and the art of the game, without forgetting to mention that the Centurions are mentioned in the campaign. Still, there are to be cautious since the images could be falsified.

For Honor of Season Pass holders will have access to the new heroes from a week before its release, and the other players can unlock them with virtual money or real money.

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