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The video making viral with the Nintendo Switch failures

As we know all the consoles they often have errors and problems at its launch and Nintendo Switch was not going to be less. Many times these failures can be solved through patches and updates, but there are serious design failures that directly have no solution.

A YouTuber named CrowbCat has been engaged has collected all the failures that has had the new Nintendo console and publish them in a video that you can see here below. These failures are mostly software problems, crashes, unexpected closures, stripes on the screen, problems with the sound… but there is another important part of failures that are the bad design of the console.

The long list of failures boils down to problems with the Joy-with and its Rails, which if you put them in reverse order (Yes, can be placed upside down but you should not be able) hard to extract, scratches that are raised on the screen to enter the console in your dock or simply can not load the console in tablet mode because the charger connector is located below.

But there are also other level of software and no less important, but those insurance which will afford, while that design errors not with future updates.

If you have a Wii U or not, and you are thinking of buying you Nintendo Switch, the video will surely make you reconsider after seeing it. We believe that is best wait until Nintendo solve these errors, and you, what do you think?

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