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Tired of carrying your amiibo? See Tagmo


Since the launch of the first batch of amiibo figurines have been a great success for Nintendo. Everyone wants to own one of these small figurines of their favorite characters from the Japanese company, however, by very beautiful are, the truth is that leave much to be desired in terms of its practicality. If you’re going to play at a friend’s House loaded with all your figures is a real nuisance, also run the risk of being damaged or lost. It is also a nuisance for collectors that can not make use of its functions in games without breaking the box containing them. As well; We offer you a solution so you don’t have to worry any of this, points.

The magic of the NFC

As you well know the amiibo function using NFC technology. At the base of each of the figurines, hidden in the base, is a small chip that is responsible for store and send information that interacts with different games. As well through a simple application called Tagmo will be able to clone your amiibo to avoid having to carry with them.

For this you will need to buy as many chips NFC NTAG215 figures like copy, can get chips in the form of sticker, card, pin, bracelet, etc… The price of these sensors is ridiculous so don’t worry by leaving you a lot of money. Once you have your chips, you just bring the sensor NFC mobile to the base of the amiibo, copy it, and finally to transfer it to your chip.

If you don’t want to have to open the blister your figures can opt to download directly the internete amiibo data, but remember that that can be considered piracy so do it only as a backup of a figure that you already possess.

The application Tagmo is not in Google Play Store and can not leave the link, but you will not be difficult to find surfing the net.

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