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Tired of finding Wally? Try Hidden Folks


Hidden Folks is a curious title available for iOS, PC and coming soon for Android (although in the case of mobile devices is recommended to play on big screens). If ever have enjoyed small with some of the books of “Where’s Waldo?” will pass it with this proposal of two independent developers. You have more then.

For here or there?

As you can imagine the game has the same premise that the aforementioned books of Wally, however, do not think that it is so simple, it is a game with a charisma and certain developments that give a great value with regard to the series of children’s librojuegos.

We will have to find different characters and elements in huge areas full of details, all of this hand-made with a simplistic design in black and white. In addition we have a paragraph since unamusing sound that all sound effects are made by one of its developers; will hear you different animals, imitating blows… up to the menus.

In principle find something as small as large areas it may seem impossible, but we have small tracks that make the game much more enjoyable while still maintaining the challenge. Also we can focus on certain areas with the gesture of clip in touch screens and PC mouse wheel zooming.

If you are looking for a quiet game that requires no skill or put the heart to 100 by the action this is definitely your choice, we could even say that it is a little zen experience that you can take anywhere in your mobile phone.

Finalized the review stating that the game has a palette of colors “night mode” that inverts colors, so our view will not suffer as we seek that monkey that both us refuses.

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