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Tomorrow starts everything. Critical

Countercurrent films, the Spanish distributor specializing in independent and alternative cinema presents one of French films of the moment all begins tomorrow, a film that aims to move and reach the heart as announces its own advertising and which relies on the undeniable appeal of actor Omar Sy for comedy and sentimental melodrama.

Demain tout commence (Everything starts tomorrow) is the title given to this film that comes to be a remake of the Mexican feature film by 2013 No refunds of Eugenio Derbez, one of the greatest successes of the Mexican cinema in national and international (especially in the USA), got blockbuster based condense all the ingredients of humor and easy tear from the Latin soap opera in a feature film.

The French director Hugo Gélin, moved the script to our Western Europe, changing Los Angeles from the original by the current London and adapting some jokes, situations and cultural clichés.

Mañana empieza todo (Demain tout commence)

The film starts showing Samuel, a young man binge and conqueror who lives happily in a tourist area of the French coast. One day an old adventure show with a baby in her arms, she tells you that she is his daughter and disappears. Samuel then travel London to try to find the mother without success, so it will have to take care of the girl and assume its responsibilities as a parent. He manages to settle in London City, where you will find a job and the little girl will grow in a happy and comfortable life. However, everything changes when eight years later the mother returned to retrieve her daughter.

What begins as a light comedy, with the gags of the genre and in particular of the films with an unexpected baby of medium type three singles and a bottle, will be turning after his first stretch in a family melodrama of the stark, model against Kramer Kramer (although bypassing accentuate the dramatic confrontation to avoid edges) looking for some boldly break our heart and shoot at our most basic emotions. To contribute a couple of twists of script to move and explore the grossest sentimentality, a crescendo that aims to rush towards a tender, sad and tear end, with included pseudo moralina philosophical culmination.

Still, it’s hard not to succumb to the pitfalls of this product and its protagonist Omar Syhas the merit of this to a large extent. The French actor reached a notoriety in 2011 thanks to Intocable film playing a role of vivacious and affable man despite the setbacks of the environment. This stereotyped role has continued representing him in other films as Samba (2014) or Madame Chocolat (2016) and still exploiting it in tomorrow starts everything. That we lower the guard fall rendered before the apparent magnetism for Sy, his formidable charm and smile, great this film hook.

Mañana empieza todo (Demain tout commence)

That talent of Omar Sy to embody the values of vitality, joy and goodness is in the cheerful girl Gloria Colston an ideal ally to complete an idealized duo of father-daughter where everything is wonderful and there are no problems until it appears the mother. The function of the villain of the story – in the background very sweetened to keep from hurting any susceptibility – corresponds to the somewhat hieratic actress Clémence Poesand (the famous Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter saga). Complete the cast Canadian actor Antoine Bertrand, in the role of friend and protector of the protagonists (in stereotyped and unacceptable role of surface and come out homosexual).

The set comes to be a kind of moral fable about the real meaning of fatherhood and although about it I prefer others films more subtle and profound as The Road (great adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s great novel) or even the wonderful Finding Nemo, the French Director as the Mexican writers who conceived the original idea have chosen sensibleros and populist ways that seem to drink of the spirit of Will Smith in looking for happiness and above all the ineffable Roberto Benigni in the empalagosa and cheat the life is beautiful.

Conclusion tomorrow starts all

The film is being a public there success where premieres, finally and after he manages to touch us, and does it well although with chutzpah, chord. From French landscapes of a postcard to the idealized vision of the city of London, the protagonists live in an almost fantasy world, where everything is good, everything is arranged and designed so we empathize and history flow into the emotion and the sadness. The spectator cold and analytical soon will notice the lattice, but even being on guard, will be difficult to avoid emotional traps.

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