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Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet. Analysis PS4

If have arrived to this analysis is because, surely, you are interested in something the saga of Touhou Genso (Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet) and the games type bullet hell. I, have that recognize, that is the first time that hear speak both of the saga as of this genre of video games, since are before an of their first raids in the market Western.

As usually spend whenever a game leaves a niche so seated as is, in this case, the market East, the feeling of strangeness and of not know very well to what are playing is constant. But as I’ve said to the principle, surely you are reading these lines knowing, or at least knowing, something of this saga as known in Japan; by which to make this analysis I’ve soaked information around this franchise and this type of game for that, at least, not of the impression of talking without knowing very well of what will this story.

Mixing genres and sagas

To start let’s talk of the saga Touhou and all the revolution that is to caused in the country Nippon. Is is of a shooters of the gender bullet hell devised by “Zun”, a developer Japanese, for a computer absolutely unknown by these lares as is the NEC PC-9801 that not only has triumphed in the world of them video games but has flooded them stores Japanese with its own merchandising, his own line of cosplay, different sheds of video games (as games of fight) and even a gender musical derived of the heavy metal as is the Touhou Metal (a species of) Power Metal with very melodic sound and double bass until they burst the twins of the drummers of the genre).

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

The saga Senko Ronde is not better known in the West because of the RAID that took on Xbox360 with WarTech game in 2007. It’s a fighting game one against one that began in 2005 staying until 2012, date on which Touhou and Senko no Ronde merged being distributed by all Japan for the arcade machines. Now, a version improved, arrives to PlayStation 4 to try to expand view to a public not very accustomed to this gender.

We are before a game bullet hell that to simple view according to enter in matter can remember to the recent game Fury, but much more crazy and much less complicated. Touhou Senko no Ronde is like a fusion between the rain of bullets of the shooters with a fighting game, i.e., is the perfect blend between plays Touhou with the Senko no Ronde.

The epilepsy of the fight

Nothing more start the game we find with several modes, highlighting the mode history, the arcade and the different modes multiplayer. Mention special to the complete tutorial that, if not searched played never to any game of the style, serves of guide for automate mechanical and controls for when arrives the time of put is to them control of the game in itself.

Them mechanical can seem something complex but or much less, indeed, the mode history us you spent in just half hour in our first last simply by pressing the button of attack constantly and moving the joystick to Dodge them attacks of the rival. Us found surrounded by an interface that, while is true, to simple view can seem something complex and, all there are that say it, quite ugly aesthetically serves perfectly, once know all them mechanical, for know the damage that can make your attacks, the energy that you is, or if you going to stay soon without ammunition.

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

We have a total of eight playable characters, unlocked from the beginning, to manage and fight one or two controlled characters, well by console or by someone human if we’re playing in multiplayer and so we like our opponent we will have at our feet a sort of ring indicating us the distance to which we are each other to carry out attacks far if we are away or attacks melee if two rings are coupled by the It is an aspect to consider along with various life and health bars that we have on display to try to make a good game.

In total we will have four bars being vital two of them that are the life bar, which indicates the vitality that we have, and the bar of ammunition that is anger gradually recharging as we rested pressing the fire button. It is important to be almost constantly watching the ammo bar that if by some chance this empties the full, so we can be a second no to shoot until it becomes to fill what we will spend more exposed to attacks enemies since when we see we are facing a screen full of balls and colored lights that do damage , much damage.

A night at Pacha

We are visually a very simple game and even times can make us forget that we are playing a game of PlayStation 4. Is a game 2D with characters slightly scarce in design, only featured (and not much) when conducted attacks body to body discovering us to ones pj with design chibi, and little more, since these just have personality, what makes that our console not is arrive to take advantage of what should since between them characters and the interface of screen in some moments can arrive to feel certain overwhelmed seeing both text or movement in screen and not know very well where to look exactly.

It comes to the audio are the typical Japanese game that mixes the voices of the characters with techno music that will make epilepsy transmitting us attacks and all the colors that abound on the screen during combat, on many occasions, we of the impression that we are in a nightclub at the top of LSD.

Conclusions Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

We have a game, that while it is the first appearance of a genre to 100 percent focused on the Japanese public, manages to transmit what it promises: lots of fun. Seas or not fan of this genre never comes bad try things new and discover by your own means if this game you can get to like or not. Liked us, indeed.

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