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Trailer of Yurine in Criminal Girls 2

Criminal Girls 2 is characterized by releasing a trailer for each of their characters, and this time touched you to Yurine.

Criminal Girls 2 Yurine is a tender and affectionate character who turns into a great fighter when he enters combat

Yurine presents the typical “mature” character of the anime. Half the time you will want to be your sister and the other half the professional mascot. Yurine is a small quiet, warm and immensely kind. Lead entirely to your wishes. But do not you trust, because in combat is a character really strong and crazy, of type canon.

For those who do not jugaseis to the Criminal Girls, this is a game Japanese for PS Vita. On Criminal Girls will have that return to the depths of the hell and guide to a group of offenders through the program of reform. But this time, there will be a change, a new plot twist. An of them girls that you accompany in that motley group of seven not is exactly what it seems. As go advancing along the hell of Spire, will have that make you facing the distrust that begins to reign in the inside of your team. At the same time, you’ll find yourself often struggling to join your team and help them overcome their sins and break the bonds of his sentence.

Combat against the enemies that will stop you from achieving your freedom and these girls and manages to reach the end of the game in this new Japanese release in the hands of Criminal Yurine Girls 2.

See the history of each one of them characters and dales finally the maturity that need to find the redemption.

The game, with a strong content Moe and erotic, will be available the 20 of September of the 2016 for PS Vita.

Yurine de Criminal Girls 2

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