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Twitch announces their new desktop application

Twitch launches their new desktop application and launches the Beta to get the application, which will start on March 16. This new application will be the best of Curse to merge it into a new experience with Twitch Desktop.

With the Twitch desktop application, they are adding new ways to build stronger and more significant differences between the users connections.

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Now the users can create their own Twitch for your community server, even without being in streaming. They will be also added in this new application a choice of whispers among users, as well as voice and video calls. In addition to building a strong community, the Twitch desktop application has great ways to improve your gaming experience.

We have incorporated the legendary mod Curse and the platform in the application so that you can easily find, install, and manage all your add-ons for games / mods. Shortly after the release, will be able to synchronize the mod settings across multiple machines for free with Cloud-Sync.

They have also announced that we will have an overlay in the games themselves to avoid having to be minimizing if we want to see something of the application.

We remind you that you can get the application in beta on March 16 from their website download.twitch.tv.

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