Friday , December 15 2017
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Twitch is updated and is able to relay to 1080 p and 60 FPS

According to the official blog of Twitch, streamers can be already issued to 1080 p , and that will most appeal to users, at a rate of frames per second up to 60.

How to know if your channel has new options of quality? Visit inspector Twitch and reviewing his recent sequence data and look for the indicator of “transcoding V2.” Once you have access (we are developing support for all channels in the coming weeks), viewers can open the video settings menu and find more p than dish pepperoni pizza.

Twitch 1080p 60fps

However, still there are some limitations for this functionality can be performed. Although until now it was possible to relay to 3.5 megabits, at this time already you can do 6 megabits or greater capacity permitting the connection of the player.

The same applies to the user who is enjoying the online game, which can only choose superior options depending on your Internet fee.

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