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Two YouTubers timan with skins of CSGO betting web

All who play to counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS) know the system having CSGO for the skins of weapons and skins bets. Surely know them sites webs of betting that there are for these, but not there is that trust is of these systems.

In recent days two popular youtubers have been involved in a questionable matter relating to these bets, starting because both advertised in his videos – very casually – a betting site that turned out to be created by themselves.

Basically, what these guys were doing in their videos was telling his audience that they “found” a site where you earn good money betting their skins from cs. In any case they reveal owning the site and that omission in United States is considered illegal. Indeed, the Agency regulatory Federal Trade Comission in United States specifically indicates that when is promotes any product should reveal is clearly the relationship with the advertiser.

Both youtubers omitted (not just part, but owners!) part of the site promoted and thus are breaching the law.


He problem more big of all is that what ProSyndicate and TmarTn did was encourage to minor of age (great part of the public of CS: GO and their own hearings in YouTube, or more or less) to meter is in betting. According to United States law, and depending on each State, just over the age of 18 (in some cases over the age of 21) can bet.

Perhaps it more pathetic of the situation are those videos where the accused celebrated win a good amount of money betting skins. One of them even said (minute 9:09 video above) that CSGOLotto had offered him sponsorship, giving skins so you bet them.

Of course, to Valve also some responsibility should fall given that, basically, they allow that you can manipulate the economy in this way. To open the boxes in CS you have to buy some keys that cost about € 2.5 and skins can cost a maximum of € 400. The awards were delivered to the random, as if outside a roulette. In addition, Valve also wins a percentage of transactions of digital assets that are using their ecosystem, but apparently CSGOLotto transactions would be made out.

Tom Cassell defends himself saying that everything is in order and that just should have been more transparent with your audience:

I’ve always disclosed that my CSGO videos were sponsored & even asked a YouTube employee if anything more was needed & they said it wasn’t.

-Mr. Syndicate (@ProSyndicate) 4 of July from 2016

But in the case of Trevor Martin, everything is more complex since it erased the Tweets alluding to the case and their videos where appeared mentions CSGOLotto. However, the internet made it theirs and reraised one of the more controversial. Judge you:

For its part, the lawyer Ryan Morrison confirmed via his Twitter account that the situation is completely illegal and that the FTC already knows it:

It’s definitely illegal, and definitely reported to the FTC

-Video Game Attorney (@MrRyanMorrison) July 4, 2016

And what says Valve? Until now, his only reaction had been block the link to CSGOLotto from Steam, but the measure was only temporary.

You should follow the subject, because it is likely that it is not completed then.

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