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Union X, confirmed Kingdom Hearts Unchained X update

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X fans can learn more about the history of the title thanks to the exit of Union X, the relaunch of formerly known as KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained XRPG for mobile devices. As part of a free update scheduled for next month, the game will soon have a new multiplayer mode, “Union Cross”, and new forms of customization of the avatar of the player.

Kingdom Hearts Union x players can form teams of six players with their partners or through the system of search of companions to fight hordes of enemies without heart and powerful bosses. Players can carry out missions of increasing difficulty as well as new unique missions.

To help these teams of friends to communicate each other, the game will now include emoticons and text messages. Players will find themselves with new faces and other characters that will be them family to develop the history of unions. With the new theater mode players can relive the drama and to see the cinematic sequences.

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