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Watch Dogs 2 is now available on PC

Ubisoft has announced that already available on PC Watch Dogs 2, the new installment of the series of action and hack on open world. After its release on consoles last November 15, now comes to PC with a wide range of specific improvements. Since complete compatibility with 4 K to options such as Ultra textures, extra details or the Elimination of FPS limiter. In addition to other features and additional options such as compatibility with multiple monitors at the same time in advanced settings, saved multiple games and a user interface specifically designed for use with the mouse. We can obtain more information about these improvements here.

Watch Dogs 2 is the new title of the saga of open world and hacking. This new release will be set in San Francisco and will change its protagonist Marcus Holloway, a young and brilliant hacker who lives in the cradle of the technological revolution. This will be younger and more agile with parkour which its predecessor, will have a melee very unusual weapon and with electronic devices that will open a huge range of possibilities in the history. Our protagonist is working with DedSec, a well-known group of hackers, to run the largest hacking history; just CTO 2.0, an operating system used by a group of criminal geniuses to monitor and manipulate citizens on a large scale.

Watch Dogs 2 is now available for PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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