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What’s new in Steins; Gate to reach our computers on 8 September

The acclaimed visual novel Steins; Gate reach Steam on 8 September with a price of €30.90 to a 15% discount from output.

It company MAGES us raises the famous city of Akihabara of the 2010, where the scientific Rintaro Okabe accidentally discovers that one of their inventions is capable of send messages to the last, low this premise, Rintaro and their friends is found in a world where any wrong movement can affect the future of form tragic.

Steins; Gate is one of the most popular in The Visual Novel Database novels history that has been adapted to different formats including a manga series and an anime film.

The work that is punto de get to Steam follows a structure not linear, there are multiple late that will depend on of your actions within the game, included your activities daily as ignore or answer calls of Rintaro.

The novel will come in Full HD quality 1800 p, it will be compatible with the system for the exchange of cards of Steam and will offer between 30 and 50 hours of reading, but for now only we can wait until September 8 to enjoy it.

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