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With Kickstarter Wype you can eat while you play

Some young people have launched a new project called Wype on Kickstarter that relies on a MOP with which you can clean your fingers after eating and before posing them on the keyboard or the mouse.

With a non-slip base, they are made with microfiber with antibacterial solution, allowing that your hands are perfectly clean in a way much more quickly and efficiently than a simple napkin. In addition, you can put them in the washing machine whenever you want.

Wype is available in seven colors (turquoise, Orange, white, black, green, Brown and purple) and its round shape allows you to easily adapt to any size hand.

No longer have to waste time trying to clean you up in a napkin or even pants before posing your fingers on your keyboard and let everything lost, now with Wype you can do so in a matter of seconds.

Wype is part of a campaign of funding on Kickstarter. If you reach your ultimate goal, it will be released next summer at a price of about $ 20.

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