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World of Final Fantasy announces its release date

Square Enix has announced the release date of World of Final Fantasy, the new title of role based on the Final Fantasy franchise. To celebrate the announcement, besides on the occasion of the next E3 2016, have shown a new trailer showing details of the history of the title as well as presenting to the adorable version of heroes and the iconic monsters of the series.

In World of Final Fantasy we guide Reynn and Lann, on his journey through the world of Grymoire to recover their lost memories. During the adventure, you will find versions, with a more friendly design, the monsters of mythical saga, as available, chocobos, and begimos, which can make grow and fight each other, with the option of customizing and stacked his army of monsters to form towers and elaborate strategic combinations that make front even at the most challenging opponents.

World of Final Fantasy you will reach PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 28. In addition those who buy the first edition of the game will also receive an invocation of the legendary Sephiroth that will help them in combat. Then we leave the trailer for E3 2016.

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