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World to the West with their reservation at Game gift

Enemies and puzzles await players in World to the West, an adventure full of action where 4 heroes open is step to discover the mysteries that hide these lands, where a sinister prophecy hanging over their heads. Each of the characters has special abilities, from the tank to the magician, each ideal for each of the situations they have faced.

In addition, those who have played Teslagrad is cross with familiar characters from the game. This is because it is the same developer and that are located in the same universe, but, obviously, in a completely different world.

With a lively and wonderful visuals, reminiscent of classic cartoons and with a great soundtrack, of the same composers of Teslagrad, will enjoy inside and outside World to the West, and how is that possible? Maybe because only in GAME who reserve the game will be exclusive la Banda Sonora original in physical, to enjoy it at any time.

World to the West will be available next May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

World to the West

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