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Xbox Scorpio 4K would be the new Xbox One

At the sight of the new rumors about the PlayStation 4K, Microsoft wants to stay ahead of Sony movements and poses to launch the new Xbox Scorpio 4K, which would be the Xbox One but four times more potent.

According to the available information, it is expected that the launch of the new Microsoft console is to end of 2017. In principle the Xbox Scorpio will feature 6 TFLOPs performance, appearance that would do 1.5 times faster than the current PS4K version of Sony.

In both consoles is known that its aim will be to take advantage of its high-end hardware to power work the potential of games and videos in 4 K. Is very possible that the Xbox Scorpio reescale 1080 p to 4 K resolutions instead of having a native 4 K resolution, and is also expected to have an absolute retro with all existing Xbox One games.

The new Xbox Scorpio will be sold together with a stand for Oculus integrated riftaspect developed by Microsoft and form Oculus joint in order to compete with the PlayStation VR helmetand expected that it can reach the 4 K at 30 fps natively.

The entry Xbox Scorpio 4K would be the new Xbox One first appears in Top10Games.

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