Friday , February 23 2018
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Fast and Furious (at full throttle 8) 8. Critical

All 7, gas or Fast and Furious 7 as you prefer, was a resounding success, may it was enhanced by the curiosity of the death of Paul Walker , but certainly were to an entertaining movie that refined the formula that had hosted a couple of movies before. Fast and …

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Life (life). Critical

Before they arrive the “the cochazos chops” (Fast and Furious 8), have the possible visit of the first living organism from outer space (MARS), the named on the tape as Calvin, that you will haunt you to the crew of the international space station and will keep viewers guessing film …

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Skins (the surprise of the Festival de Málaga 2017). Critical

We could not leave our publications about the Festival de Málaga. Cinema in Spanish 2017, unnamed of course that it has been quite a surprise and a revelation. Eduardo Casanova (Fidel in Aida) has picked up the camera, and has signed a particular, unique film and that some can be …

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The founder. Critical

McDonald’s is without a doubt the restaurant best known the length and breadth of the planet, and can of course be interesting how everything originated, how and thanks to who the expansion occurred and what were the keys to his immeasurable success. McDonald’s today is all an empire can boast …

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Logan (2017). Critical

The character of Wolverine (Wolverine) has won the favour of the public first in comics and later in the cinema, embodied by delivered and burly Australian Hugh Jackman. His appearances on the big screen in films from “The patrol X” were the most valued and the charisma of the character …

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