Friday , November 24 2017
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Valve has released the CSGO veteran currency

If you’re one of those who already have veteran of the CSGO coin (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) already know they give you after spending 5 years with a degree of counter-strike in your Steam library. Valve has put the currency but now in physical for saga collectors. And that is the …

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We’re giving away five packs of merchandising Logan


March 3 arriving in cinemas throughout Spain Logan, the new adventure solo Wolverine’s and that will be one of the endpoints that will managers (or claws) in the case of Hugh Jackman as this mutant so beloved of the big screen. To celebrate the premiere of the film as it …

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Reach GAME Vault Boy, Super Mario 3 and Mega Man lamps

A new article dawns in GAME stores and is that we cannot deny that, apart from sell excellent games with irresistible prices, it is a place where stopping to observe all the merchandising that have. They become GAME PIXEL PALS lamps Vault Boy, Super Mario 3 and Mega Man. A …

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Announced the Monopoly of Final Fantasy VII


Attention fans of Final Fantasy! Merchoid has announced (via Videogamer) which will launch a special version of the Final Fantasy VII Monopoly board game. This product will be available April 11, 2017 at a price of around € 45, and as you can imagine will feature characters, locations, and more …

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