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A normal Lost Phone. Analysis of a graphic adventure

A normal Lost Phone is an unconventional game. Plug in Digital and Accidental Queens have not made the mistake of trying to create something graphically powerful and develop video games that are beyond them hands, but they choose instead to create an adventure game a bit special. And is that A Normal Lost Phone is unlike most games that you’ve found out there, a form unknown in the sector which already fully exploits: storytelling through a mobile phone.

A little about the history

Let us explain better: A normal Lost Phone puts us in hands the mobile phone of someone who has lost it. Point. There is a Narrator to use, there are no special effects or powerful trailers huge customisable characters. The goal of this game, through an innovative gameplay as it did in his day Go home, is that we get to find out who owns a mobile phone.

We started the home screen and we have the typical Basic applications for messaging, camera, photos, etc. We don’t have internet and half of the apps are locked by password so will have to navigate through messages, reading stories to discover that the owner of the phone, Sam, has disappeared on her birthday. The messages are contradictory: there is a girlfriend who seems that she loves him and that short punch with him as a crazy, his fellow club of Board games are overwhelmed because it is no longer go, there is a very heavy girl who sends you messages threatening to tell everyone his secret.

And suddenly we give account that you want to find out more, to know what has happened to him. Where can Sam has gone? Has someone done you harm? Has it voluntarily gone or not? We can not write to people and up to the midgame will not have Internet access, for example, electronic mail service, so will have to limit ourselves to read, browse a clavadita interface to a mobile operating system Android and try to discover what has happened.

The storytelling is really novel and soon feel that we have tremendously empatizado with the owner of the phone. Soon, as we are Unraveling the thread and we discover the true face of those who have written to us with raw or kind words, we are facing a real, raw and terrible story which become from failed relationships, bullying, rejection and fear yourself.

All this is part of the 18 th birthday of Sam.

The gameplay of A normal Lost Phone

Once we have read all the whatsapps of Sam we find ourselves in a strange point of no exit. Our curiosity and the unhealthy curiosity to know more about the identity of the life of this boy who has disappeared us push to find a way to access the rest of the applications: and that’s where precisely is the bargain. We will have to read messages and discussions to discover keys that allow us to connect to the Internet and accessing e-mail, go to the last visited Web page and browse through the messages of the Forum in which Sam participated actively. Finally, the curiosity we pushed to try to guess your password from the application of link where will finally reveal the truth.

It is not extremely difficult to discover passwords and the truth is that if you’re used to playing this kind of titles you can take the solution to the problems you raised in a very short time. Play to the end time is limited to 2 hours at most, time at which you will end up by revealing the true life of Sam and what happened the night of his 18th birthday.

On the aspect of graphic and sound

Despite the simple interface, A normal Lost Phone features a very elaborate interface design. While mobile appears to use an operating system Android, navigation is slightly different and the screens are very well worked. Whatsapp messages include the different character designs and we also find several pictures of Sam and some friends in the camera showing a few concept arts with an own, unique design. In addition, the game is fully translated into Spanish.

The sound aspect is really surround and very comfortable. As we spend much time reading texts this section is really important to not saturate us, and however manages to make us feel fully into the task of reading mobile thanks to an app for music from Sam that lets us change the songs. In addition, the sound of apps to open different sections fit perfectly with the design of the interface, creating a complete product and extremely interesting.

Conclusion A normal Lost Phone

Adventure lovers will love this game. Today is thank games like this that we almost don’t have time to devote to games and adventure games extremely long and enclosures as it is the case with Root:Letter. However, in the end, we must admit that A normal Lost Phone makes us a bit short. We wanted to learn more of this incredible story with a final message that actually everyone should learn to grow as a person.

Surround sound, the interface design and the incredible its storytelling really make that title worthwhile. Messages we receive really seem written by different human beings in very specific situations of his life. The backstory of all who have ever contacted Sam is perfectly developed, and at any time we feel it is a script. Sam’s personality is revealed through their answers, photos and his hobbies of organization with which we have just by empathize without problems.

A title really recommended if you’re a lover of the genre.

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