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Announced Gravel, New Milestone license

Bandai Namco and Milestone announced Gravel, his new driving title focused on the 4 × 4 world. To celebrate the announcement, they have shown the first trailer for the title that shows some sequences cinematic of what we can expect with this game.

Gravel is a title of conduction of 4 × 4, which takes us to environments all the world so enjoy these vehicles. The title will feature four disciplines, which will immerse us in its frantic mix of gasoline and mud: Wild Rush, with fighting runs in wild environments; Cross Country, with open maps that you can explore to try to conquer to the last control point; Speed Cross, real circuits and races is to give everything at all times; and Stadium Circuit, with sands and spectacular jumps. In addition it will also have many ways online and offline play, which will be announced over the next few weeks.

Irvin Zonca, Chief Designer of Milestone, has commented: “Gravel is the most extreme off-road challenge. It is a tribute to the 4 × 4 competition, which leads the player to environments all the world enjoy vehicles more exciting that never have been created. Thanks to the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4, Milestone could give free rein to their creativity to try to create the driving game arcade more ambitious 4 × 4 that ever created. Without lose sight of concepts such as “fun”, “competition”, “speed” or “adrenaline”, could think big and give the game the best elements that we could create: photorealistic graphics, dynamic weather and day/night cycles, systems physical visible so that the game can be enjoyed by all, amazing environments in which the player may run at full speed through forests snow capped mountains, dunes and deserts. We love how it is being Gravel and we believe that the players will be amazed to fun and novel which is the game”.

Gravel will arrive next summer to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Then we leave the trailer.

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