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Anoxemia announces its release date PS4 and Xbox One

BadLand Games and Girls Games has announced the launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Anoxemia, the title of underwater exploration in 2D. To celebrate the announcement of the launch consoles, they have shown a new trailer showing the game.

Anoxemia is a title of underwater exploration that puts us in the shoes of Dr. Bailey, a scientist whose mission is the collect samples from an underwater region cover acid. The mission becomes more complicated when his submarine crashes against the bottom of the ocean and loses all contact with the surface. We will have to explore the seabed while we extract samples of the underwater caves.

Many dangers await us in our underwater expedition, as powerful poisonous sea currents, abandoned mines after the war or machines that do not work correctly. To help us in our task, we will count with the help of the drone operations ATMA, which we can get better with all of the objects that you will find at the bottom of the sea.

Anoxemia available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 28 at a price of €7.99. Then we leave the trailer.

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