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Aven Colony shows a new trailer

Mothership Entertainment and Team17 have shown a new trailer for Aven Colony, the title of creation and management of science fiction-themed cities. This video shows some title cinematic sequences.

Aven Colony will take us to Aven Prime, a world alien with deserts, Tundra, and wetlands located light years from Earth. In this new world, our task will be the of build, customize, and maintain a human colony, managing resources. In addition, we will have to take care of our settlers and find a variety of forms of extraterrestrial life, all while dealing with the challenges of life in a completely new solar system.

They have also revealed new information of the title, the delivery system. This will allow us to send boats to explore the often hostile surface of the new home of humanity. The ships of the expedition support lost explorers, repair injured vessels and facing rebel groups. They can also explore ruins, to recover artifacts, and fight against the robotic guardians left behind by a mysterious ancient civilization.

Aven Colony reach Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PCs in the second quarter of 2017. Then we leave the trailer.

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