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Blizzard is going to ban to those users that farmean XP in Overwatch

To Blizzard not you has liked them latest news received of them users that is dedicated to “farmear” experience in Overwatch abusing of their games custom, and raises ban to those users that abuse of the system.

That the game is not based on gaining experience by standing still, and so as thousands of users in recent days have. Created a custom in which games users simply stayed still or “afk” and ganaban experience in the game. When just the round which lasted 30 minutes, users received 6,000 experience points that made you to increase level without strive.

In a message in the Forum, the director of the game Jeff Kaplan left very clear that Blizzard not approves the practice and raises ban the accounts that use this system in their benefit.

“The abuse and exploitation of custom game or game to win otherwise Overwatch experience while you are inactive isn’t right”, said Kaplan. “The reason why I want to be absolutely clear about this is that we are going to start taking disciplinary measures against the persons involved in these activities. If you create a custom game that in any way encourages players to gain experience while they are inactive users, runs the risk that can close you account. If fits in any game mode. including custom games-. “with the intention of winning experience while you are inactive, risks that closed you your account in the same way, no name to your custom game which, in any case, even involves the acquisition of experience, while the users are inactive, – please, not even do this as a joke – because you are is threatening to close your account.”

Kaplan went on to explain that the Overwatch team hoped that this kind of thing should happen, and have a “plan B” rather than ban a million of accounts. Them actions taken in the mode of skirmish in them split custom could leave of reward the experience, and the implementation of a timer AFK for the same are the first steps in that plan. If the players do not improve their conduct, the final option would mean removing the gain of experience in custom games completely.

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