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Confirmed Project Scorpio specifications

It has done much to pray and is that Project Scorpio has been causing much stirred by the network, after so much waiting we bring you the official confirmation about the technical specifications of the new console.

Project Scorpio promises to be one of the strongest hardwares never seen within this industry and offer a great gaming experience. Its CPU will be eight-core x 866 2.3 GHz and your GPU will be with 40 units of computation of 1172 GHZ. As for his memory, this console will present a 12 GB RAM which will work at 326 GB/s.  and 1 TB storage. And Yes, the 4K and the reader are confirmed UHD Blu – ray, so if you don’t have good TV, is time to find a new one.

Project Scorpio Motherboard

As it has been reported in Eurogamer, Project Scorpio will be able to work with the Xbox One software, so all material you have this console may be used on this machine. On the other hand, Microsoft has promised enough reduced load times with compared to their previous platforms and is that its technology will allow us to play quickly.

In terms of its price, Project Scorpio has not yet confirmed the price. But there is speculation that it could haunt the €450 ($499).

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