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Final Fantasy XV shows his update of March in a new trailer

Square Enix has shown a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, the last installment of the Japanese series of role. This video focuses on show new details of the update that will reach the title tomorrow. This upgrade paves the way for the release of the first downloadable content, the Gladiolus episode.

This content will put us in the Gladiolus skin after the first meeting of the group with Ravus in the main story. The character will leave Noctis and the rest of the companions to find Cor in their quest for strength. This adventure will take you finally to deal with Gilgamesh, a classical enemy of the series.

Also along with this will be improvements to chapter 13 of the main title. After criticism from the community on this part of the main story, the company pledged to include improvements. These arrangements will arrive tomorrow and included as playable improvements to plot additions. In this new version of the chapter 13 we will find the possibility to Gladio, control changes to the ring wearing Noctis as a weapon, as well as new scenes and dialogues. It will also include the possibility to reach previously inaccessible places on the map.

The March update and the Gladiolus episode reach Final Fantasy XV tomorrow, March 28. Then we leave the trailer.

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