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GTA Online: special races, new cars, modes and much more

GTA V lovers brace yourselves, because Rockstar has up his sleeve a number of new updates for GTA Online, that will arrive in the coming weeks and months with a lot of new features playable, vehicles and much more for the millions of inhabitants of Saints that are on the street every day.

This week we are going to pay tribute to the acrobats and daredevils from all over the world with the launch of 15 new acrobatic careers that have prepared the Rockstar developers. There will also be twice the GTA$ and RP in the entire catalog of acrobatic careers created by Rockstar and the verified, among other great discounts and bonuses for the lovers of adrenalin. In addition, only by login during the period of the event you will unlock and you will receive Jock Cranley pink limited edition of monkey.

The next update, which will arrive in March, it will have a new style of acrobatic racing designed specifically for the extraordinary abilities of special vehicles from GTA Online: Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua. Each of these races will adapt to their respective vehicles special capabilities, so you can jump great distances in races with the Rocket Voltic, drive at full speed by land and sea in the Aqua Blazer, or plummet with the 2000 Ruiner. In addition, developers will also have the opportunity to design their own careers for these vehicles.

GTA Online

On the other hand, adversary modes are still the most popular play in GTA Online way, so will add some new ones throughout the spring. Screw with black humor which is called resurrection, and also career Zenith, a nostalgic tribute to the times in which GTA was 2D with some explosive turns, as well as others that they will be announced later has been prepared a version of the ball.

To extend the collection of vehicles, it has been decided to incorporate some classic vehicles in the series, such as the Classic tourism and the Infernus Classic, that were for the first time on the streets of Liberty City in GTA III to GTA Online.

And if you still have characters and developments in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and want to transfer it to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, you only have 5 days to do it and discover the nine major content updates GTA Online exclusive of those platforms, from events in the way free and Lowriders to Cunning Stunts, bikers and imports/exports, as well as everything that is coming in 2017. Already visit the Rockstar Warehouse to enjoy a 30% discount and a bonus of 1.25 million more$ to move to the digital edition of PC.

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