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Has-been Heroes shows details of your history in a trailer

Frozenbyte has shown a new trailer for Has-been Heroes, the new title from the creators of the saga Trine. This video focuses on showing details of the history of the title, in addition to teaching some sequences taken directly from its playability.

Has-been Heroes is a title that blends strategy and action where we have to command a group of legendary champions admired for their heroic deeds. From rescuing a Prince, fight wars, to kill dragons were the mission that once these heroes. But after years of peace, the King has become a mission, to encomedarles take the princesses to the College.

The title has elements of type rogue, that introduce random elements so that our games are always different. We have at our disposal an large amount of skills and objects to destroy the enemies that prevent us from fulfilling our mission. The title also has permanent death, the champions who succumb during the mission not may be revived more. With the exception of that on the death of all the heroes, will be able to try again.

Has-been Heroes come on March 28 to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Then we leave you with the trailer for the history of the title.

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