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How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV without inserting it into the Dock


One of the best things about Nintendo Switch is you can change and used in different ways, allowing to be portable and at the same time be able to connect to the TV transmitting image and sound via HDMI. Nintendo Switch is directly connected to our TV, put the console in the dock. But in reality there is another way more practical and quick to connect our Switch to the TV. If you are interested, here we will show you a better way to do it.

How to connect Switch without dock

There are cases in which can be scratched screen Nintendo Switch by putting it in the dock, which shouldn’t happen. For this reason attempted to devise another way to connect to the TV.

There is a USB that comes as standard when you buy the console next to the dock. To connect the Switch to the TV, ultimately is something very simple, just have to insert the USB with Nintendo Switch, putting the other end connected to the dock, make sure that the console is fastened securely. In this way, already will be connected with the TV properly and without any problem. Notably, there is an extension of the cable USB type-c, made especially for this purpose, with this you will be able to connect your console to the dock, without having to insert it.

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It should make it clear that it is something that specifically works without problems and without inconveniences, it’s nothing that damage or alter the usefulness of Nintendo Switch, rather help.

Learn how to connect to TV

Now if you want to connect your Nintendo Switch without having to attach it with the dock, follow the steps and advice you give, they will serve much. In addition, you can avoid any rayon screen.

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