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How to download from the Japanese eShop on Nintendo Switch

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Insurance you wondered if there are more games to buy in the eShop of Nintendo Switch. The truth is that you can access the eShop original country, just creating an account for the region you want. The only thing you need to know, is that the DLC video games must be purchased in the country where it was created. We will show you in depth how to download from the Japanese eShop.

Access the Japanese eShop from Switch


It should make it clear that Nintendo Switch is Region-Free. You can buy anywhere in the world, physical games and play them on your console, without having any problem.

Enter any of these stores, it is very simple, in reality it is nothing complicated. Nintendo Switch allows you to create up to 8 different accounts on each console, you just have to choose one for each region, and thus be able to access any of the shops.

How can I create these accounts out of my country in Switch

Start creating an email other than which you have in your main account, select Japan as a country. Create a new user in Nintendo Switch and enter the account that you created in Japan. Since that time, already you enter the Japanese eShop and you can download demos that you want, and also buy games.

Good thing is that after that download the game in the Japanese or American, account can again access your main account, and play with games purchased from there. To download the games, it is good to take into account how quickly download games on Nintendo Switch.

The only downside, is that obviously the games will be in Japanese, something that could be a problem, so it is best to make sure halt when you go to buy a game, could also be translated into English in the Japanese version. The game automatically detects our region, so to play it will appear directly in English. If you are interested in buying in the Japanese eShop, some of those games that are in English are:


Blaster Master Zero


Disgaea 5 Complete

This is good to know this, since you can enjoy the different games from other regions and have been released yet in your country, safe yourself a lot. So if you want to maximize, you start to create your accounts in other countries.

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