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It will be the cooperative multiplayer Mass Effect Andromeda

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Mass Effect Andromeda is a less than ten days to reach our consoles and compatible and Bioware has bombarded us with most of the vital information of the game now. These days we have known more about the story and one of the great attractions of the game: exploration.

However, already was playing the turn to the cooperative multiplayer. A section which, by the way, will come with micropayments. In this section, we knew that it was going to be cooperative, but we didn’t have much more information, that we won’t need to play to unlock the best finish as in Mass Effect 3.

Cooperative multiplayer Mass Effect Andromeda

armas mass effect andromeda

This cooperative output will have little content, though we already know that new maps added will be free, i.e., as advance calendar will come new content. In principle, there will be five of these maps, a small number but we understand that it is not the basis of the game.

On the other hand we will have different profiles of soldier to choose. They are characters from a race and with some skills and specific weapons, and we go by unlocking more as we got level and earn credits.

Where Bioware has dwelt is in bonuses, both experience and different skills and weapons to get an extra boost in multiplayer. And this is the content of payment of the cooperative; If you want to move faster or stronger, you will have to proceed to checkout.

At the moment, and we know, there will be a single game mode. It consists of fight against waves of enemies and complete objectives and perform an extraction of the place. All the while we fight against these increasingly strong waves.

Also I have better explained how missions connected with the single player mode. We will have a terminal with which we will send a squad of the initiative to do that mission, or we can devote our time to make one of these cooperative games.

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