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LaLiga discusses the phenomenon of eSports

The eSports in Spain are becoming more important and abundant, teams as Valencia CF already have dedicated solely to electronic sports teams and it is likely that very soon all LaLiga teams have their own sports club.

LaLiga, the body responsible for carrying out the Organization of the higher divisions of soccer in our country, He has recently wanted to pronounce about what are the eSports nowadays.

LaLiga yesterday took a day to speak of “the phenomenon eSports“, where participated different personalities related to the field of electronic sports. On the day mentioned that “it is a good time to embark on the sports sector” that through them is possible to connect with the players. And of course, eSports offer “great revenue opportunities that no other industry offers“.

So glad Carlos is put “Ocelot” director of G2 eSports, seeing that LaLiga really cares about eSports and “have the open-mindedness to change”.

. @CarlosR, CEO of @G2esports: “#LaLiga is interested in e-Sports. They have the mind open to change.”

-LaLiga (@LaLiga) April 6, 2017

Since last year, LaLiga has collaborated with Electronic Arts FIFA 17 promotion in the field of the competition, but in the future, the Football Foundation intends to move forward with the support for the eSports, not in vain, the e-sports continue to gain followers in our country.

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