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Nintendo Switch could reach 2 million sold by the end of March

One of the great unknowns in the industry the past few months has been if Nintendo would get the success he needed with Switch , after the failure of Wii U, needed as water may have a strong platform in the market that its relationship with the third parties only afterwards. The Japanese company is marked as a aims to reach two million units sold by the end of March and, it seems, are perfectly aimed to achieve this.

According to a firm of analysts, Superdata, based on stores information provided by Famitsu and GFK, estimated that sales have been located around the million and a half of switches sold. These figures includen 500,000 sales in the U.S. and 360,000 in Japan. As for the European market no real figures yet, although Superdata has ensured that in the United Kingdom have sold 85,000 and in France another 100,000. What most surprising of these figures is that they they are sales in its first week, a very short addition since the console is put on sale a Friday, March 3, so it could be closer two million of what we think.

We have to wait until Nintendo makes official figures but it should be noted that the potential of a console is measured more by the steady pace of sales that occur in their first month of life, since these may be due to staunch a platform fans and not to the rest of the world as Wii U already showed at the time. What is certain is that this time Nintendo seems to have found the key with Switch and have platform for a while.

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