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PC Building Simulator, a simulator of Assembly of computers

Have you ever wanted to build your own team and test configuration without the hassle of buying components and open boxes? Wouldn’t it be the entire process much easier if you could choose its components from a menu and the slot in place with the click of a mouse? So was born PC Building Simulator, a simulator of mounting of equipment.

True to the heritage of classic flight simulators or most modern truck simulators, Simulator PC Building is relatively realistic when it comes to simulation of mount a PC configuration. Of course, all we’re doing is select parts of a menu and click into place, but also you have to screw into the base plate separators and manually connecting cables Molex.

Remember that game is still undergoing very beta and still offers us very little content, but judging from the menus, it seems there is also a career mode complete planned, presumably, where trying to make a living as a builder of custom PCs, accepting purchase orders inbound and Assembly of equipment customized for its customers.

PC Building simulator is now available for download at itch.io, and we hope that they can soon show us rewarding progress for all enthusiasts of the teams, we are sure that we’d love the options that can have this Simulator.

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