Friday , February 23 2018
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Watch Dogs 2 receives a major upgrade


Ubisoft has released the 1.13 patch of Watch Dogs 2 that adds several new features and improvements. Including a new game mode, a paintball gun, clothing, events… New content New way online Showd0wn: this new way to play online games-based PvP 2 vs 2 can play with a friend or …

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NVIDIA announces its improvements to the Watch Dogs 2 PC version

NVIDIA has announced its improvements to Watch Dogs 2PC version, the title of hacking and open world of Ubisoft. This version optimized with lots of content rendering to a level of detail never seen to date, including also exclusive Visual effects for this platform. First of all, is advisable to …

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Watch Dogs 2 is now available on PC

Ubisoft has announced that already available on PC Watch Dogs 2, the new installment of the series of action and hack on open world. After its release on consoles last November 15, now comes to PC with a wide range of specific improvements. Since complete compatibility with 4 K to …

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Watch Dogs 2 shows San Francisco in a new trailer

Ubisoft has shown a new trailer of Watch Dogs 2, the new delivery of the saga of hacking. This video is focused on show us the city of San Francisco, showing them different environments where is develops the title. Watch Dogs 2 is the new title of the saga of …

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Watch Dogs 2 reveals details of his story in a new trailer

Ubisoft has shown a new trailer of Watch Dogs 2, the sequel of the title of hacker and world open. This new trailer entitled “within the history“, the third episode of the series of deepen in various aspects of the game, us show new details of the argument of the …

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Watch Dogs 2 presents a group of hackers DedSec

Ubisoft has shown a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the title of hackers and open world. In this trailer focuses on reveal new details of the history of the title, where we will present to the Group of hackers DedSec and all the ins and outs …

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Ubisoft confirms Watch Dogs 2

E3 2016 us finally present to Watch Dogs 2. A story that has not caught anyone by surprise since the game developers send various gifts to various youtubers within days of the start of the angelina fair. Maybe after this Act,Ubisoft has decided to make official, through a press release, …

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