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The Book of Unwritten such 2. Analysis Android

A few years ago the King Art study delighted us with the second part of one of those games that make us remember why we love so much this world, bringing childhood memories in a genre that lived their golden during the 1990s era and that, during recent years, has seen a new resurgence. We are talking about The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, title which eventually came out for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

If something you made us realize it is that every rule has its exception, and is not always true that that second parts were never good and that The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 keeps all the freshness of its first part and we still transporting to Avantasia world with tons of humor, colorful characters and rich scenarios. This time we will speak of the version of Android, though we also have it available in iOS.

Everything stays in place

This analysis will be a little shorter than usual and is that we we have a version of a title that I reviewed at the time for PS4. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 takes us to the world of Avantasia, where we will have to help Nate, Ivo Elf Princess, the magician Wilmur and indescribable Critter to follow their crazy adventures, everything intelligently and with great narrative gifts, ideal for any adventure that boasts.

We repeat actors, but this does not mean that we know everything that comes up in a new adventure in which we will have to know the world, which is full of various secondary characters to each more picturesque, but that surely will have us glued to our tablet computers to be able to terminate the game, something that can lead the not inconsiderable amount of 20 hours. In this genre, the story is a fundamental part of the game, as we did in our original analysis, you do not want to reveal you nothing, only you must know that it is really entertaining.

Playing with our fingers

What is what is really new this version of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2? Well actually not too much, except the opportunity to enjoy a great game in any place where we can take our tablet. The gameplay has been designed to be very easy and intuitive to enjoy it and is that our finger is the main protagonist in this regard and that the intelligence of our characters (if you have played the first part possibly already you’re throwing to shake).

the book of unwritten tale

During the game, as in any adventure game, will go by pressing different objects that we are on the road, making the character the more logical choice for him at that time (see first an unknown object, then using it…). This does not mean that we have to go around a cycle of actions until we reach that interests us since, if we wish, we can hold so that we will have a settings dialog and choose the more we like it.

The rest of the typical gameplay of the point and click remains as always, all adapted to the use of a finger like for example the management of inventory, whose objects you can use by clicking first on one and then in another to combine them (or in the place where you want to use it). The implementation generally has seemed very good, perhaps something hampering our experience when two objects are too close to each other, but nothing that we can not afford with a bit of aim.

A magnificent opportunity

As we say from the beginning of this analysis, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 version for Android offers us the possibility of enjoying an adventure game developed as the old, with an artistic section that really captivates us mixed with numerous jokes that point to more current topics such as the Lord of the rings, World of Warcraft, or Harry Potter everything translated perfectly into Spanish (the voices are in English).

the book of unwritten tales 2

Music, epic moments and burlesque in others, will accompany us in every moment, transporting us as in its original version to the world of Avantasia, where we have to help our four protagonists to save the world. Can you request more?

Conclusions The Book of Unwritten such 2

As final conclusions we have a version for Android and iOS very interesting, one of the best adventure games in recent years with a more intelligent and hilarious humor to laugh much saga leaves in its path, with an enviable artistic section and hours of adventures. The gameplay has been recreated in a way very faithful to the point and click of life for this mobile version, giving us a few problems with nearby objects together. Of course a title more advisable and more taking into account that we can enjoy it for only €4,99 in Android and iOS.

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