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The Deluxe Edition of Ghost Recon Wildlands will be exclusive game

The military work of Ghost Recon opens in the world opened with GHOST RECON WILDLANDS, a cooperative game which moved the action to Bolivia, thus encarnizando to the Ghost, an elite corps under the orders of the Government of the United States responsible for the fight against drug trafficking in that country. El Sueño, cartel leader, it will be the main enemy of the story, but not the only one, since the roads will be rife with small militia, which, thanks to a good team strategy, control over Santa Clara will be guaranteed.

GAME has announced that the Deluxe Edition of Ghost Recon Wildlands will be exclusive to their stores, and will include: the BSO in physical format, a map (also physical) of Bolivia (to be able to guide you while playing) and package Digital Deluxe Pack (consisting of a rifle and a motorcycle from Hunter, three emblems, three camouflage for weapons, three objects of the character customization and an accelerator of experience points).

However, for more complete even the experience and offer more hours of content, any edition, GAME reserve, brings free a DLC with the extra mission Peruvian connection: the goat, charismatic Mexican business woman, has taken control of all routes of drug trafficking in the Andean Highlands, and our mission will be looking for it in an unconventional war scenario.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be available next March 7, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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