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The prestigious brand gaming Mad Catz in bankruptcy

Well known and prestigious brand of gaming peripherals, Mad Catz has just declared bankruptcy after 18 months with economic problems.

We just know that one of the most famous in the world of peripherals as it is Mad Catz is declared bankrupt. Carrying enough time with problems in the economic sphere above all losses which generated with the hardware for the popular game Rock Band 4, which generated more than $ 10 million in losses.

Hasta siempre! Thank you for your trust during so many years.

-MAD CATZ Spain (@MadCatzEs) March 31, 2017

Karen McGinnis, CEO of the company, has confirmed that Mad Catz has declared bankruptcy to find other viable exit to economic problems and liquidity that dragged the company about 18 months ago about, and has commented that it is not yet clear what will happen.

We say this because although there are two major possibilities still do not know what will end up complying. One of them is that parts of the company are sold as units of business to exploit, and the other is that is sold that as a whole, i.e. the company itself.

Less traumatic should be second, although certainly it is also the most complicated. In any case, will have to go and see how it evolves all over the coming weeks.

For his part, Karen McGinnis said:

“The Board of Directors and management wish to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the employees of the company and the support their businesses, especially during the time that the company faced financial difficulties.” The company also wants to thank the vendors and suppliers of professional services that have supported our efforts during this time “.”

As you already have in turn an accumulation of bad decisions left Mad Catz in a very complicated situation, which unfortunately at the end has not been able to leave.

Now it will be wait and think about what will become of our peripherals of this brand, Do Seguira Mad Catz covering guarantees of their defective products?

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