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Troll and I will arrive in physical format from the hand of BadLand Games

BadLand Games has announced that it will be responsible for the distribution in Spain of Troll and I, the new action-adventure title developed by Spiral House.

Troll and I tells the story of Otto, a young man who is forced to run away from home and meets a mythical creature with which will engage friendship. Together they must take full territory of enemies. With teamwork, Troll and Otto will have to use his skills to sneak, fight and plan strategies to defeat your enemies. We can control and go exchange them the two characters on the fly, taking advantage of the presence and features unique to each of them. We will have to choose the combat style suitable for every situation from among the different available, using a Troll for crushing their enemies with their huge feet or with its giant and powerful fists, or Otto with his Agile and fast attacks.

The title will allow us to build our own deadly weapons necessary for the survival of our protagonists. You can enjoy the campaign mode alone, or with a friend in split-screen co-op mode. The title will also have dubbing into English, but it also includes texts in Spanish.

Troll and I will arrive in physical format on March 24 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The title also plans to launch in Nintendo Switch later. Then we leave the trailer.

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