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Ubisoft Announces a new title based on the world of Avatar

Ubisoft has announced the agreement with Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Interactive to create a new title set in the world of Avatar, the series of films by James Cameron that leads us to Pandora. Massive Entertainment, responsible for Tom Clancy s The Division, will be the team that leads the development of this title.

The team is already working on a new project of type AAA based on Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time. There are four sequels of Avatar currently in preparation, and Lightstorm, Fox Interactive and Massive are working together to create a game that expand and deepen further in the universe of Avatar in an exciting and innovative way in parallel with the films.

“James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment changed our way of understanding how it must be managed with the first Avatar immersive narrative, and ambition that have upcoming deliveries and this game is for us really inspiring,” said David Polfeldt, CEO of Massive. “It is a privilege to work with them, and is a great honor that have trusted us to create an experience worthy of the series Avatar.”

Cameron and Lightstorm entered into the agreement after seeing a first prototype to the Massive team created for them using its proprietary engine, Snowdrop. Snowdrop is a personalized and custom game engine which allows the creation of game universes ultra realistic, enhanced with dynamic global illumination, an impressive capacity of destruction in real time, and an incredible level of detail and Visual effects. It was used to develop The Division, and is also the engine that are based on a few games of Ubisoft that had not been announced yet.

“What struck me of Massive was the passion of the staff on this project and the Snowdrop engine power”, said Cameron. “I think Ubisoft Massive Entertainment team is without a doubt the most suitable partner if we want that the beauty and the dangers of Pandora to life”.

They have also shown a new video where the Massive Entertainment team says some details about the development of the game. Then we leave the video.

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