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Until the end, the new expansion of The Division, shows its launch trailer

Ubisoft has shown the launch trailer to the end, the third expansion of Tom Clancy s The Division. This new video is on to show different content that includes this new expansion.

In addition the company has announced the launch of a free game trial, with which you will have the opportunity to play Tom Clancy s The Division free of charge. This free trial will be available from tomorrow and will allow us to enjoy full access to the main game until they reach level 8, or complete six hours of play. All developments and progress made during the free trial will be automatically transferred if you buy the game.

Until the end will lead us to a situation in the dark area far more complicated, the outbreak spread running out of control, and all appearance of civilization collapsed. This forced the joint task force to withdraw from the area and to leave behind important tactical terminals; several nodes of the SHD specifications are still full of fully operational information. Now there are forsaken agents approaching those nodes, and if they can get their hands on the information, would be catastrophic for the SHD and his mission to save New York. Our work will be to prevent that from happening with a team of seven agents of The Division.

This new expansion will include a new game mode, until the end, where we can experience a new way of playing in the dark area. This mode of confrontation based on sessions will focus on clear objectives and conditions of victory, incorporating key elements of the dark area as the PvE enemies and points of reference. The players will be part of a team of 8 agents of The Division (two groups of four) who will fight against a team of 8 enemies forsaken (two groups of four), trying to capture the tactical terminals. The first team that manages to transfer information through terminals wins the session. In addition, up to the end added more PvE activities to The Division, including a new incursion.

With the new expansion will launch the free 1.6 update that adds new and solid content for all players, including an enlarged map of the dark area with three new unlocked areas, new events of pollution that will be held in conveniently located underground in the dark area, new weapons and reference points common, markers, of the dark area and the new way legendary that increases the level of challenge.

Until the end will arrive tomorrow, February 28, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Then we leave the trailer.

Until the end

Free trial

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