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World of Warcraft shows the presentation of the tomb of Sargeras trailer

Blizzard has shown a new trailer for World of Warcraft: Legion, the last expansion of the popular MMO. This trailer focuses on presenting The tomb of Sargeras, the next patch 7.2 which will be available next week.

7.2 patch will take us to assail the steep coasts. This offensive with the Legion will lead us to establish a new base of operations for members of all kinds. This base will be key to carry out a new campaign in the rugged coast next to the sunset of the Legion. Once established in our database, we will have to gather resources to build buildings that help us to destroy the stronghold of the Burning Legion.

Won’t be the only change, as all classes can continue his campaign headquarters of class on the rugged coast while they continue to increase the power of your weapon device. Also after you have completed the initial missions of the island we will be able to access a new Dungeon, the Cathedral of the eternal night. Khadgar will give us a mission that will take us to this new Dungeon for five players where we will face to Mephistroth. To confront Kil’ Deceiver in the tomb of Sargeras band will still have to wait.

The tomb of Sargeras will be available on March 29. Then we leave the trailer.

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