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Ballerina. Critical

From the hand of the French studies Gaumont comes the film “Ballerina”, show that increasingly we can find quality products and a flawless finish in terms of what refers to animation computer out of major Hollywood studios such as Disney Pixar, BlueSky at Fox, Universal or Dreamworks to Paramount lighting.

With a cast of voices star to be able to be sold in the international market as Elle Fanning (Super8) or Dane DeHaan (Chronicle), Ballerina tells the story of Félicie (Fanning), a young orphan who has a passion: dance. With the help of his best friend Victor (DeHaan), which aspires to become a great inventor, they develop an incredible plan to escape from the orphanage in which they live and to head to Paris. In the city of light and love, where low the mantle of an Eiffel Tower under construction Félicie will struggle as never to stand out among its competitors and learn from mistakes to achieve their wildest dream come true: to become the first ballerina of the Opéra de Paris.

The film directed by Eric Summer and Eric Warin, authors of the libretto, is a film aimed at all ages, recommended that parents accompany children. Noteworthy, perhaps arriving a bit late to our rooms, since the moving story of an orphan who aspires to make their dreams come true, it seems the typical overcoming or beautiful fairy tale, full of friendly characters and good feelings more typical of the time Christmas which left us a month ago.


It is a film somewhat unbalanced, although it supplements its shortcomings with a few characters with whom it is easy to empathize, but for this reason one has the feeling that managers were more concerned about the animation to finish the story telling we, me explained: buildings, color, light, atmosphere, details, everything about Paris is excellent. It is a pleasure to stroll through the streets paved with Félicie and Victor, discovering the Eiffel Tower and the statue of liberty in construction, the Opera is sublime and faithful to the Original, that I have the pleasure of meeting, but it looks identical in photographs.

The dance scenes are stunning. The precision of movements in the dance of Félicie steps seem taken from the best choreographies of the musical classics, however seem more fluid scenes of dances improvised as the start in the orphanage or which takes place in a bar of Irish inspiration than the so-called moments of climax focused on duels of Ballet.

However, and it is here where Ballerina falters a bit, focusing on the stage characters that accompany the protagonist duo are cartoony and easy to, the character of Odette who attends his arrival in Paris in support of Félicie does not break the stereotype of women locked in his solitude, dance master is the typical man cold and hard secretly hides a heart of gold , and similarly could tell of other secondary characters such as the young Russian Dancer suitor and rival of Victor for the affection of Félicie.

Above all, that most disappointed me was the mother of Camilla, rival of Félicie to achieve stardom in the Paris Opera House. In no time the development of the character explains his character, is a caricature of evil who represents evil for free, in an attempt to simulate the mythical Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmatians. En a moment reaches a degree of madness that is inconsistent with the plot of the film, returning his ridiculous attitude in a reincarnation of a psychotic Queen of hearts for the severed head of his rival in the film.


Conclusions of Ballerina

The secondary characters are far from history, without a development consistent with the duration of the film, being mere accompanying elements easy to understand and thus focus their effort in which we empalicemos with the thoughtless and annoying young man sometimes which is Félicie, but us conquest because it behaves according to the many children of his age. The counterpoint is found in Victor, tender as a mascot, but which never ceases to intimidate by Hector on duty or to express their feelings, to earn our support…

Ultimately, the film is a beautiful story of overcoming and fight for your dreams, whose Parisian of late 19th century postcard should make you have a good international career in its distribution.

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