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Best netflix 2017 series: collection of 10 unknown

We bring you the best series 2017 netflix.

One of the drawbacks of Netflix is that you often among huge list of new and unknown series proposed by us have too to choose. Precisely for this reason, the compilations of recommendations are as interesting. And if a woman a little hyperactive and rather rare, makes them as better. And is that Momoko this time brings a compilation of the historical series / unknown that most have liked years. Don’t expect to find in this list drug traffickers, Breaking Bad, or The Walking Dead because she already tells us that he is going to skip all deemed too mainstream. Some of them are more well known than others, but we will give you a vote of confidence.

Momoko series list includes all kinds of genres: from drama, a fictionalized and even comedy, history through Penny Dreadful that it is rumored that it will soon be available on Netflix. I attached the list of the series that speaks:

  • Marco Polo – great photography, design of characters, historic, cool a lot.
  • Orange is the new black – has never been sexier to see women in prison (at least the first two seasons)
  • Outlander – if you are young with skirt, this is yours
  • 13 reasons why – if you’re crying, get a triple shot
  • Cuckoo – only the first season. Believe me.
  • Vikings – or Vikings. Or like putting more crappy world hairstyle fashion because is the most handsome man in the world well. In addition, petados blue eyes of saturation.
  • Penny Dreadful – you like Gothic roll and have nightmares tonight? This is yours. Only liked by Eva Green… What are you going to do.
  • Black Mirror – that it will be known all over the world
  • The B in the apartment 23 – only the first season
  • Stranger Things – because strange things happen when you leave Christmas lights placed throughout the year.

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