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Do stuck in Geometry Dash? Beat any level with these tricks


All know the great and addictive Geometry Dash, but surely more than once you have frustrated trying to overcome one of their many and intricate levels. It is a really hard game especially in the more advanced levels, however, with the tricks that we give you below (and some determination and patience, is clear) you won’t resist any of their screens. Grab pen and paper and suggests these tips to put an end once with that damn level that you resist.

Pace and skill

As you know Geometry Dash it is simply based in overcoming levels music through their different modes of play, although all are based on the precision, Dodge obstacles and in pure I plataformeo.

  • Keeps pace: At all official levels and in most of those created by the community follow the rhythm of the music will be of great help to advance. In the most frenetic areas where the jumps are very hard-pressed if you look you’ll note that you can overcome them just keeping pace with your jumps. A very simple trick that will make areas that previously seemed impossible a cinch.

  • Focus on a single level: If you jump on level level trying to find an easier one only you thwart since screens are all more advanced but complex, will not find any more easy. If you focus on completing one level you will be gradually seizing the trick and you’ll eventually end up completing it. Don’t get frustrated without you fail, fun is to overcome the obstacles posed by the game you, in addition, the more you strive to be better you will feel when you complete the display.

  • Test community maps: If after much testing you do not exceed a level you can download and play one set up by the community. Most are designed for experts, but looking good can also find simpler maps for practice and catching ability until you are able to finish that you resisted.

It only remains to put into practice these tricks and begin to vitiate.

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